There are international dimensions to almost every aspect of science, technology and innovation (ST&I). Nowadays, ST&I play a crucial role in public and private governance, in foreign policy of nation-states, and in international affairs of civil society organizations – transnational corporations, third-sector organizations and knowledge academies, among others – either by being a locus of cooperation between nations and other actors, or for establishing unsurmountable advantages in the case of conflicts. The course aims at equipping graduate students with the tools needed to understand the complex problems at the intersection of ST&I issues and international affairs lato sensu, between state and/or private entities, as a source of cooperation or conflict in the international arena.
This is a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach, with examples based on real cases related to issues on environment, health, energy, security, development, and foreign affairs — that are interwoven with the historical, political, economic, social, and cultural concerns of international relations.


The course will be comprised of five thematic modules:
 ST&I as a Resource of Power in International Affairs
 Institutionalization of International Cooperation in ST&I
 The Brazilian ST&I Foreign Policy
 The ‘Who’ Factor: relevant actors dealing with international cooperation in ST&I
 The New World: critical contemporary questions in international affairs, such as cybersecurity and cyberdiplomacy

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The course is jointly developed by University of São Paulo’s Graduate Program in Management and Graduate Program in International Relations. International speakers with real experience in the proposed subjects will give special lectures.

Guilherme Ary Plonski (FEA/USP): Research Director, Center for Technology Policy and Management – USP; Director, Latin Ibero-American Association of Technology Management; Board of Governors, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology; Advisory Board, International Association of Sciences Parks and Areas of Innovation; Deputy Director, Institute of Advanced Studies – USP.

Alberto Pfeifer General Coordinator, Institute of International Relations’ Group of International Conjuncture Analysis – USP; Researcher, Institute of Advanced Studies – USP; Director for Special Projects, Presidency of Brazil’s Secretary of Strategic Affairs.


Mondays, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., at FEA/USP. From August 7 to November 13, 2017.


Regular graduate students: registration July 3-9
Special graduate students: pre-registration July 10-12, by internet http://www.fea.usp.br/administracao/pos-graduacao/aluno-especial-informacoes

Information: www.fea.usp.br/administracao/pos-graduacao